Vaguedivague is a wandering wave, observing and protecting the world’s beauty, just like tribes have been doing for thousands of years in their connected, spiritual relationship with Nature.

It is a tribute to Nature’s creativity.
Nature is geometric, colorful. We are inspired by this ultimate artist that creates without rules, in all directions of Evolution.

Vaguedivague is – just like Nature – primitive and poetic.


Vaguedivague is an invitation to dream. As adults, we must continue to be amazed by little and simple things like a plant, a light, an instant in silence or company.

Man and Nature are one and the same thing. We cannot evolve without her.

Our swimsuits were developed in Lisbon by our designer and stylist in a long and iterative development process focused on comfort and adaptability to different morphologies.

Our fabrics and accessories are sourced in the EU and carefully crafted in Portugal and Northern Morocco.


We strongly believe it is time to return to a more sustainable fashion whereby we wear less, longer-standing garments.

As slow fashion advocates we have carefully selected qualitative materials and experienced manufacturing partners, to offer you high-quality swimsuits that are made to last for years.

The use of recycled materials has been restricted on the swim segment until recently due to technical issues (fabric durability and performance, design printing quality).

However, we are working hard to switch to recycled or bio-based fabrics, with no durability / design compromise on the final use.