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When visiting the website (the « Website »), cookies will be stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone. This page will guide you to understanding how cookies work, how they are used and how to modify their setup.



A cookie is a small text-format file which can be stored on your device when you are visiting a website. It enables its issuer to identify the device on which it is stored, for the validity duration of the said cookie.

Some cookies are mandatory for accessing and using the Website, others are used to optimize user experience and to customize displayed content.



Cookies are stored on your device by Vaguedivague or other websites. Only the issuer of a cookie can read and analyze the information it contains.

Cookies issued by Vaguedivague are primarily intended to optimize user experience on our Website. Some cookies might be issued by third-party partners or advertising agencies. These cookies are subject to these entities’ own cookie policies.

Upon becoming aware of it, we will inform you of the nature of cookies issued by third parties on our Website and how to manage these cookies.



We use primarily five cookie categories with various objectives presented below. We do not use cookies intended to collect personal information such as your name or identity, except in the case of specific authorization from your behalf (as a Vaguedivague client, your name might be stored upon your acceptance so as to facilitate your identification for future visits).


  1. Cookies necessary for the operation of the Website

These cookies are mandatory for us to operate the Website, such as account IDs and passwords, and allow you to use the major features of the Website and to secure your access.

They allow you for example to access private sections of the Website, through personal IDs or data you might have previously communicated.

Without these cookies, you will not be able to use our Website appropriately. We recommend not deleting them. These cookies are exclusively issued and stored by Vaguedivague.


  1. Feature cookies

These cookies are not mandatory for navigating our Website but they optimize user experience and provide access to specific features. They enable you to adjust the Website presentation to your device specificities.

These cookies improve the visibility and flow of your navigation. They are issued by Vaguedivague. Most of them have a short duration (session) and some might have a longer duration up to a year.


  1. Analytical cookies

These cookies allow us to analyze the use and performance of our Website, through statistical observation, such as the use and access volumes of various sections or pages on the Website. This allows us to improve the attractiveness and ergonomics of both the Website and our services.

These cookies are issued by Google Analytics.


  1. Sharing cookies (social networks)

Our Website contains links leading or sharing to Facebook, Instagram and potentially other similar social networks. When you use a sharing button, a third party cookie will be issued and stored. If you are connected to social networks when visiting our Website, these sharing features enable us to link the viewed contents to your account on the Website.


  1. Advertising cookies

These cookies are used to offer you targeted advertising based on your interests and profile, on our Website as well as other websites. They are used, for example, to limit the number of times you will be showed an ad, as well as to measure the efficiency of a digital advertising campaign.

The relevance of advertising content displayed on your device can also be improved through a third party technology, using information about your device’s navigation on our Website and data you have provided when creating your account or accessing any of our services.

Refusing these cookies does not impact the use of our Website. However, refusal will not stop potential advertising on our Website. The potential advertising displayed on our Website will not take into account your interests or profile.

These are primarily third party cookies issued and managed by advertising agencies. We are not able to list all of them herein. They include companies such as Microsoft BING, Critéo, Ligatus, Outbrain, NP6, Smart Adserver, Rubicon,, Krux, Turn.



You may manage your cookies in several ways. You can decide to deactivate cookies at any time. You can also select the ones to accept or refuse on a case-by-case basis, or to refuse them systematically.

We kindly remind you that restricting cookies might lead to access or use restrictions of sections and services on our Website that require such cookies.

Depending on the type of cookies that you wish to deactivate, you can do so:


  1. Through your Internet browser

The majority of Internet browsers accept cookies by default. However, you can decide to block these cookies or request that your browser inform you when a website intends to store a cookie on your device.

You can modify cookie management in the confidentiality section of your browser’s settings. Remember that some features or sections of the Website might no longer run or be accessible.

Each browser set up is specific. It is likely to be described in the Help section of your browser, where you will learn how to modify cookie preferences.

On Chrome

On Internet Explorer

On FireFox


  1. Through opt-out links (analytical cookies)

You can learn more about analytical cookies, and how to deactivate them, through the link below, for cookies issued by Google Analytics:


  1. Through cookie management platforms (sharing and advertising cookies)

You will find more information on behavioral advertising and the protection of your private information on the Internet here: and you will find registered companies that enable you to block or accept cookies used by these companies to provide you with targeted advertising on your device based on your profile and interests.

Cookies linked to sharing features are also included on this platform.

Please kind in mind that your preferences are also taken into account through the use of a cookie. If you block all cookies on your web browser, we and our third party partners will not be informed of your preferences.