Time is a strange thing.

Surely, the Nature we admire, and which are part of, evolves in a very different time range than us humans.

Its beauty occurs through the slow and creative process of Evolution.

Slow is a more and more distant concept in our lives today.

We at Vaguedivague strongly believe in the power of slow.

The word « divaguer » in French illustrates this concept of slowed, wandering which provides time to think, observe. Think of ourselves, Humans of all corners of this small planet. Observe at all scales, from the details of a plant or insect, to the absurd cosmic scale.

Observe with our eyes and minds.

The digital revolution has brought wonderful new possibilities.

However, with digitalism has also come an excess acceleration in our lives.
We undoubtedly have more time than ever in history, yet we are running behind it like never before.


We try to apply this slowness concept in our photography.

Many of our photographs are shot with 35mm film cameras, by photographers who are passionate about the beauty of those vintage, mechanical cameras.

The poetic touch that comes out of it, and which we are happy to share with you, comes from a slow, patient, process.

The cameras herein are the ones we used for our latest campaign photoshoot.

Patience, slow, are what made all of this world, you and us, happen.

Long live slow!